Hello Sir,

I've bought phone (grand) since 2weeks but I've found problem after first day in software anyway the problem increased every day by restarting and unexplained program actions

N.B this is my first personal experience with Samsung phones after 4 successful years using IPHONE 3 Gs not even 4G and I was fully satisfied with its performance and durability of my device.

I've went to Samsung customer survive in RIyadh-KSA ,khores round and asked me to leave my phone for checking software then I've wait 3days and no replay then I've called them they've told me that my device need motherboard and not found and I've to wait for undefined period till availability of the repair part with unpolitical way and disrespect ion for my comments and feeling after using a new mobile for less than week

I've asked the manger for his help and he told me its my right to have new one and told me he asked the company to have the approval since one week

Then after I've rolled up daily and no response either from Saudi or Samsung in Korea as he told me the approval must be from the mother company!!!!!!!

Any way till now I haven't mobile since one week which affect me painfully in my business life and social life as I haven't the another ready smart phone even my old one I've give it to my relative

Here in Saudi they don't care about me as customer complaining for both of treatment and response and my needs even today they told me we replay faster for Galaxy 4 but my model is less priority for us

So my request I need immediately an action to replace my device and asked to change the model and pay the difference due to my negative experience .

And sorry if I haven't any replay or respectable actions I will go to legal part by tomorrow to save my rights which is only verbal from your side and even here in customer service reduce to give me any document for their actions

Thanks for your reading and care

Waiting for your action

The all documents with bill, device number, guarantee, order number in customer service is attached as photos and my mobile number.

Regards Islam



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