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I purchased a Samsung refrigerator and it worked fine until the ice maker broke. The customer service department came out and replaced the ice maker with the same ice maker which broke again.

At this time the manufacturer asked me to give them one more chance to fix the unit and if it still didn't work, they would replace the unit. I told them I didn,t want the same unit as I believed the problem to be a design flaw.They agreed to credfit my account so that I could purchase another brand. I bought a Whirlpool that is working fine, but have yet to revcieve my credit. That was in November of 2012.

They recently told me I would get my refund in 2 weeks. I won't hold my breath, but I think I will hire an attorney.

The nightmare continues. Please don't buy a Samsung appliance!

Monetary Loss: $1649.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #667774

i will be looking forward to reading your post about your failed whirpool refrigerator and how they wont replace it or give you credit or refund your paid price.

no company is any different than another with their procedures that they follow.

sure, one product may "work" better and longer than the other but the procedures they follow when the product eventually breaks is basically the same for all the companies with the exception that samsung is more "liberal" with repairs and concessions than most other companies.

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